Still Life

I was asked to create a work for the Light+Sound Window Gallery based on the loose theme of home. In a way, I approached this like one would approach drawing a still-life: picking and choosing portions of life to represent visually. Simply, I created a montage from short moments captured around my house and yard. I chose to exclude myself, my wife, and my dog. Rather, I attempted to show evidence of living in our home. Unlike a traditional video or film, this has no beginning or end and is meant to be played on a loop. Those passing by the Light+Sound window in the evening are allowed to begin watching whenever they may arrive because each clip is edited to work with the clip before and after.

Still Life
By Christopher Buckingham
Length: 5 min 57 seconds (to be exhibited in a loop)
Video channel: 1920 X 1080 pixels
Audio: None/Silent

Born Neenah, WI 1978, Christopher Buckingham is a multidisciplinary artist. From 2000-2005, Buckingham was involved, most notably, as part of Charm Bracelet. Organized with fellow artist Brad Adkins, Charm Bracelet executed multidisciplinary exhibitions and situations that often involved hundreds of participants. From 2007-2009, Christopher lived in Madison, WI and co-founded the Project Lodge which hosted art exhibitions, touring music acts, Sunday brunches and even a few theater and film screenings. Currently, he is singer-songwriter and recording engineer for the band, Eventuals. One of Christopher's most recent projects has been co-organizing (with fellow artist Kendra Larson) the art leasing company Stumptown Creative. Buckingham's video, called "Taking Shape", was shown in the PDX Gallery window project in 2013. “Taking Shape” is a time lapse of Kendra Larson painting “Thoreau's Cabin” from start to finish.


Exhibited at Light+Sound Window Gallery September 25th 2014
Last Thursday (and evenings thereafter) : Livingroom Reality 1401 NE Alberta, Portland, OR 97211

Still Life still